$100.00 - "Excalibur" Sponsor
Company name/Logo in weekly newsletter
Company name announced at all home games

$300.00 - "Knight of the Round Table" Sponsor
All from “Excalibur” level
Name, Logo and company contact on website sponsor page

$500.00 - "Wizard" Sponsor
All from “Knight of the Round Table” level
Link to your website
Field banner (self provided and hung around field fence) at home games and home playoff games

$1,000.00 - "King Arthur" Sponsor
All from “Wizard” level
Endzone banner (self provided and placed on grass in endzone) at home games and home playoff games

 (Replaces Field banner from Wizard level)

$2,500.00 - "Emperor " Sponsor
All from “King Arthur” level
Headliner Sponsor with slogan announced at one home game example:

 “This is the SleepTrain game of the week, brought to you by Sleep Train, a ticket to a better night's sleep. ”

$5,000.00 or more - "Dragon" Sponsor
All from “Emperor” level
Company Logo on the back of white Tshirts worn by coaches at one home game (one color black print)

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